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  • Normal Illnesses | Respiratory diseases | Epilepsies | Autism Care | Behavioural Problems | Well baby checkups

  • Till 10 days

  • Immunization since birth

    Additional vaccines like chicken pox, typhoid, Hepatitis A, Meningococcal, Flu Vaccines, Human Papillomavirus Vaccines, Rota Virus Vaccines

    Catch up Vaccination



We provide a better clinical approach and aim for more of a conservative treatment

  • Colourful playroom surrounded by beautiful soft toys and carpeted floor for cushioning small toddlers , a nice aquarium housing colourful fishes and another aquarium housing turtles

  • A nice tea stall serving tea during winters

    FREE wifi throughout the clinic hours

  • All sorts of investigations and home visits

    All reports can be communicated through emails, viber and whatsapp facilities

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We have newest medical technology innovations

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